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Free to focus on customer-specific solutions

Free to focus on customer-specific solutions

Versatile standard components for realising reliable power supplies are one thing, coming up with ingenious answers to the increasingly individualised requirements for cost-effectiveness, efficiency and future viability another. This is why Gebrüder Frei will in future be focusing on fully customised power supply solutions that use only electronic switched-mode power supplies.

Freedom to give ourselves the freedom we need: handing over our Transformers division to ktc GmbH
To give ourselves this freedom, we are consolidating our strengths and joining forces with our faithful and dependable partner ktc GmbH, handing over our Transformers division – including production – to this family-run company. In future, our transformers will continue to be manufactured to exactly the same standards as our own, and they will continue to be marketed under the Gebrüder Frei brand. And as both companies understand that quality also extends to the service we offer, Gebrüder Frei’s account manager Jörg Renz will remain as the “centre of competence” of our cooperation and your contact in all matters.

Let’s be open about it: there’s really no reason to look elsewhere
This new focus on customer-specific solutions for electronic and mechatronic systems changes nothing in respect of Gebrüder Frei’s familiar and simple aspiration: to manufacture and distribute high-quality and reliable products for the power supplies, control and display elements and systems of mobile machines.


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