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Traction switch

STIPO Traction switch STIPO Traction switch


Thanks to its small outside diameter measuring just 30 mm, the STIPO traction switch is particularly suitable for installation in pipes or housings with limited installation space. Despite its compact dimensions, a complete microcontroller system and Hall sensor system are integrated into the housing. The dual-redundancy sensors offer the highest degree of safety. To protect the Hall sensors against external magnetic fields, the housing incorporates a solid steel core.

Depending on the particular variant, the traction switch provides one or two analogue signals, two digital
direction signals and a digital zero-position signal.

  • Non-contacting Hall sensors
  • Digital outputs for direction and zero-position signals
  • Active-high and active-low logic available
  • One/two analogue outputs for travel speed
  • Different characteristicsavailable (V-, Z-, or X-characteristics)
  • Suitable for safety-related applications according to EN ISO 13849
  • Small diameter: 30 mm
  • Protection class: IP 54 (front)
  • Various butterfly knobs available
  • EMI/EMC according to DIN 12895


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