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Reorientation – focus on customer-specific solutions

Gebrüder Frei hands over Transformers division to
ktc GmbH.

To facilitate our decision to focus on customer-specific solutions for electronic and mechatronic systems, we at Gebrüder Frei have moved to consolidate our strengths – including those in production – and have handed over our Transformers division to our dependable partner ktc GmbH.

In future, our transformers will be manufactured by this family-run company to exactly the same standards as our own and they will continue to be marketed under the Gebrüder Frei brand.

And as both companies understand that quality also extends to the service we offer, our very own account manager Jörg Renz will remain your trusted contact in all matters relating to single-phase, three-phase and toroidal transformers.

We would like to inform you about how we deal with the current situation and how which preventive measures we have taken at Gebrüder Frei.

For more information, please refer to the pdf.

Success to be celebrated at the award ceremony

On 8 July 2019, Gebrüder Frei celebrated its success during the award ceremony. The international design scene gathers in Essen’s Aalto-Theater as part of the Red Dot Gala. At the subsequent Designers’ Night party, the Red Dot laureates received their certificates and BRAVA JOY joined the exhibition “Design on Stage” in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen, which presents all of the award-winning products.

The multifunctional armrest BRAVA with control unit ACTRA JOY receives Red Dot Design Award

The BRAVA multifunctional armrest has just won the “Red Dot” award for its outstanding design quality.

Each year, a panel of experts awards this internationally coveted mark of distinction for excellent quality in the design of industrial products. Key reasons for selecting the modular BRAVA armrest for the design award were the modular design as well as the ergonomic use of the device.

ACTRA JOY is a control unit for industrial and logistics vehicles. The new module for the existing armrest Brava can be configured individually depending on the purpose and customer-specific requirements. The control lever – two joysticks, direction controller and additional buttons - ensure a high functionality with precise control. This allows efficient working.

Being active together: 9th AOK Company Run

Being active together: On the 7th of June 2018 the 9th AOK Company Run tool place in Balingen, Germany. The approximately 6-kilometre long route took the 1,800 participants through the town centre of Balingen. This year Gebrüder Frei was represented by 12 runners at the starting line. Although the start of the run was somewhat arduous due to large number of participants, our team had lots of fun during this run on a warm summer evening.

For us the main thing is the joy of sport and the shared activity.

Minister Hoffmeister-Kraut visits FREI at the fair in Hannover

Gebrüder Frei GmbH & Co. based in Albstadt, Germany presented its latest developments at the world’s most important industrial trade fair in Hanover, Germany.

Frei’s Transport Technology Systems division specialises on the development and manufacture of control elements for mobile machinery. Besides customer-specific products for the global market leaders in the forklift truck industry, a range of standard products rounds off Frei’s product portfolio.

Frei used the trade fair to present the new BRAVA multifunction armrest. A great deal of experience and know-how went into the development, and this paid off: The international trade visitors were delighted by its functions and perfect ergonomics, which allow for flawless and fatigue-free operation.

A highlight for Frei was the visit to the trade-fair booth by a delegation from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing of the German state Baden-Württemberg. The head of the division, Jürgen Schwarz, was able to explain the company’s products to the minister, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kaut, who, in turn, took the opportunity to address topics such as customers and sales markets as well as the systematic creation of innovations. A further topic was the challenges currently faced when searching for additional skilled staff.

Award for excellent quality of delivery

In 2017 Gebrüder Frei’s Control Systems for Transport Technology division won an award from Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift for outstanding delivery reliability for the third time in a row. This is awarded to selected suppliers with delivery reliability above 96%. The award is conferred in the form of a scale model of a Mitsubishi reach truck. Representatives from sales, production and logistics accepted the award. We are looking forward to continuing the good working relationship with our customer in 2018.

Bravo for BRAVA

The  BRAVA multifunctional armrest manufactured by Gebrüder Frei has just won the “Red Dot” award for its outstanding design quality. Each year, a panel of experts awards this internationally coveted mark of distinction for excellent quality in the design of industrial products. Key reasons for selecting the modular BRAVA armrest for the design award were the ACTRA MONO 300 and ACTRA MONO 400 control units, but also the ergonomic use of the device in general. The innovation gives vehicle manufacturers a high degree of flexibility, exemplified by the interchangeable control units, which can be installed in a wide variety of vehicle types. Talking about variety: over 5,500 entries from 54 countries were submitted for the “Red Dot Award 2017”,
a fact that clearly underlines the success of our armrest!

Premiere at the LogiMAT 2017

Held annually in Stuttgart, the LogiMAT trade fair is the ideal platform for presenting everything currently driving the intralogistics sector. As a leading international forum for intralogistics and supply chain management, it reflects both the requirements and the range of products and services on offer in a constantly changing market. In 2017, Gebrüder Frei presented itself and its products at this leading event for the first time – highlighting the “Red Dot” award-winning BRAVA armrest. The innovative, highly flexible BRAVA attracted the attention of a great many visitors to the company’s stand, helping establish some important contacts. Visitors were highly interested in what Frei had to offer in terms of new solutions, whether components or systems, which are designed to suit the latest requirements and improvements in in-house processes. Our successful presence at the fair has made us optimistic for the future – we’ll be back!

New – COMPETENT CHAMAELEO, the new, highly flexible product family

The exotic animal world provided inspiration when selecting the name for a new range of products, which have their strengths in their efficiency when it comes to adapting to specific customer requirements. For example, the  primary switched power supplies and DC-USV modules in the COMPETENT CHAMAELEO series are capable of adapting to a wide range of situations due to their high efficiency, ultra-narrow design, and flexible modules. The flexibility of the range also includes the ability to deliver in small quantities – brand new technology that adapts to customer requirements.

Experience the power of the future live:
From 8–11 November 2016 at the Electronica in Munich, hall B5, stand 463

From 22–24 November 2016 at the SPS IPC DRIVES in Nuremberg, hall 4, stand 130

Tailor-made. Precise. Robust.

Product development tailored to the user’s needs is the key to HMI design and thus tosuccessful products. With the presentation of a fingertip-controlled armrest for Mitsubishi forklifts, FREI has proved its advanced knowledge in the design and manufacture of bespoke HMIs.

At CeMAT 2016 FREI presented a new generation of multifunctional armrest based on a unique modular design. This armrest takes all ergonomic aspects into consideration to overcome physical fatigue of the truck driver. The armrest functions are designed for harsh ambient conditions using non-contacting Hall-effect sensors.

FREI’s multifunctional armrest will be available in different configurations, allowing it to be used in forklift trucks, construction machinery and agricultural machinery.

The armrest’s concept consists of a control pad with fingertip and a dual joystick control, optional arm support as well as an optional height adjustment unit. Hence, the multifunctional armrest offers great flexibility for a huge variety of applications.

Compact and safe!

At CeMat in Hanover FREI presented two new products, the Mono fingertip control and the Xeno thumb joystick. Key criteria during the development of these assemblies were their modularity and the ability to integrate them into systems.

The small installation depth and overall height of these miniature assemblies makes them the ideal solution for precise control where space is limited.

The ergonomic design of the actuator caps combined with sensitive control enables them to be operated with a natural movement of the fingers. The caps on the FREI control units can be replaced, allowing the customer to define the colour and the symbols used. The large selection of symbols and colours enables individual customer requirements to be met quickly and cheaply.

The use of non-contacting Hall-effect sensors guarantees a long service life. The controls remain extremely reliable even under extreme loading conditions. Due their encapsulated electronics and laser-etched symbols, the controls are ideal for use in harsh environments.

Their compact design and rugged construction means that they are predestined for use in the armrests and control panels of industrial trucks, agricultural and construction machinery as well as in a great many.

New – extremely slim and highly efficient

In the field of built-in powersupplies, the new primary switched-mode regulator 24 V/5 A 120 W is a high-performance innovation that offers striking advantages for a wide range of applications. Externally conspicuous due to its very narrow design, the regulator also reveals a number of “inner” strengths. Apart from its high efficiency rate, it features, above all, very low no-load losses, a broad input voltage range and, last but not least, an active PFC that boosts the power factor. The new primary switched-mode regulator is, of course, UL-certified as well.

In touch with the client

CEMAT 2016 – the bottom line: four successful exhibition days for our transport technology systems that have produced some excellent client contacts. In particular, our new product launches, the MONO finger joystickXENO thumb joystick and AURIGO-CAN multifunction steering wheel, sparked a huge amount of interest among both existing and potential new clients.

Unbelievably effective feedback was received when we presented the prototypes of our new multifunction arm rests. The high level of interest shown by visitors was reflected in a range of very interesting optimisation proposals, many of which we will be integrating into our final products. 

LIAM – a distinguished piece of sound engineering

Professional audio, the well-known magazine for
recording technology, has distinguished the high-end microphone amplifier LIAM from TOMO Audiolabs
with the Editors Choice 2015 for its first-rate sound
engineering accomplishments in recording and

The complete test report is available here .

New switched-mode power supply in exceptionally compact size

A new highlight has recently been added to the proven COMPETENT-COSMO range. A particularly flexible choice for single-phase AC networks, the new 24 V switched-mode power supply with 60 W combines the AC wide-range input and DC input with an outstandingly compact size. The new addition features a 24 VDC output voltage that can be adjusted within the 23–29 VDC range using a potentiometer. This convection-cooled power supply also offers a clear advantage in its efficiency level of 89% at 230 VAC, and what is more, its exceptional flexibility makes it suitable for use with 135–370 VDC – from intermediate circuits, for example. Above all else, however, it is the compactness offered by this combination of flexibility and performance that makes it a winning choice. Just 45 mm wide and 70 mm high, the housing can be snapped onto a top hat rail and features integrated screw terminals.

More information:

> Switched-mode power supplies_149002-41001

All about Frei

Representatives of the Power Supplies business area recently took part in the "all about automation" trade fair during its first outing in Dortmund. The event was a complete success. The constructive dialogue and specific enquiries about projects with promising outlooks were clear indications of the keen interest that automation users from the Rhine-Ruhr region expressed in Frei power supply solutions. The opportunity to strengthen ties with existing customers also added another rewarding dimension to this regional event.

LIAM – the sound magician

This is the title the professional audio magazine gave the new product from TOMO Audiolabs in its March issue. According to author Georg Bergeri, LIAM owes its magical power to its idiosyncratic preamp circuit and its dynamic top-notch equalizer. And these are only two features of many with which LIAM is forcing its competitors into an offside position.
The complete test report is available here.

Testreport LIAM (only in German)

Keen interest in digital power from Frei

A record number of visitors came to the Power Supplies stand at this year's Motek in Stuttgart. In addition to a new redundancy module, visitors were drawn in by the world première of the fully digital 20 A switched-mode power supply, which struck a particular chord with industry experts. The overall outcome of the trade fair was positive, with lots of interest, several inquiries about new projects and a huge number of new contacts. All in all, a resounding success!

The compact DC uninterruptible power supplies in the Competent-Cosmo series combine a high power rating of 960 W with optimum use of the available space inside the switch cabinet. No longer is there a need for the time-consuming and costly wiring of two devices.

Find out more about the benefits of this “spatial miracle” here

> Switched-mode power supplies_149001-71001

Damage to applications caused by a DC outage are usually very costly. Frei's DC UPS products have been designed to prevent this problem happening in the first place. Find out about five more crucial beneficial features of the Frei portfolio here


Voltage drops can lead to controller crashes or loss of data. They result in downtimes, compromise operational efficiency, and cost money. With the Competent-Cosmo 27 V/2.2 A DC-UPS, you can bring this problem entirely under your control. Find out more about the benefits of the module here  

> DC UPS_149352-32001

With combined approval in the form of UL file E102068, Frei has closed the gap and now offers a full range of single-phase and three-phase transformer models. Find out how efficient they are to use here

> Single-phase transformers_FTUL 24 to FTUL 1451

> Three-phase transformers_DTU / DTUL 0.15 to DTU/DTUL 30.0

The new 130-51 decoupling module from the Competent-Cosmo series is characterised by its compact design and impresses above all by connecting two power supply units in a highly efficient redundant or parallel circuit. Find out more about the device here

> Switched-mode power supply_130-51

The proven Competent-Cosmo range of switched-mode power supplies has been expanded to include a version rated at 240 W complete with a wide-range input from 195 to 500 VAC. Find out more about its flexibility here

> Switched-mode power supply_149001-51034

In some applications in mechanical engineering, a mains outage can produce kinetic energies which are suitable for recovery back into the intermediate circuit. The energy recovered can be used, for example, to buffer a mains outage without a conventional DC-UPS solution. Find out more about how to implement a solution like this here

> Switched-mode power supply_149001-61013
> Switched-mode power supply_149001-61101
> Switched-mode power supply_149001-71101
> Switched-mode power supply_149001-71001
> Switched-mode power supply_149001-51111
> Switched-mode power supply_149001-51101

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